Litton’s Weekend Adventure


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A diverse, pro-social programming block of original award-winning HD programs that educate and inspire viewers in our natural world and its wide ranging spectrum of wildlife!

Jack Hanna’s Wild Countdown | Jack Hanna is no stranger to the animal kingdom. In this series of “top ten” encounters, Wild Countdown takes viewers through Hanna’s wildest moments starring some of the most dangerous animals from around the world.

Ocean Treks with Jeff Corwin | In this follow-doc series, Jeff Corwin embarks on an epic voyage to explore the world one coastal city at a time, traveling from port of call to port of call to experience each city’s attractions and culture, and meet its unique people.

The Great Dr. Scott | The Great Dr. Scott follows charismatic veterinarian Dr. Scott Miller at his clinic in the outskirts of London, where he treats and cares for all animals. Premieres October 6, 2018

Rescue Heroes | Rescue Heroes captures the incredible stories of individuals who have crossed paths with Mother Nature's perilous conditions. Experience and explore the inspiring stories of the rescuers and survivors. Premieres January 5, 2019

Vacation Creation | In this travel series, Vacation Creation will take viewers on an inspirational journey as they follow the voyages of deserving families who have been specially chosen to experience the custom-tailored vacation of a lifetime!

Rock the Park | Rock the Park exposes America the Beautiful by exploring our national parks. Hosts, Colton and Jack, promise awe-inspiring views, adventure, and discovery.  2015 Daytime Emmy Winner!

Estimated US Coverage: 95%
National/Local Split: 7.0 National/Half Hour